In the Works

I have several projects in the works, which can be described as being my Passions. Most of them are what got me personally hooked on genealogy in the first place. With time, I hope to share the treasures I have found with you.

My research started with my family many years ago. Very early on, I discovered that my family’s story was a story that intertwined with the story of several other families in the area. This allowed to understand how the people of the area have been interconnected since the beginning of settlement in the region. In the pursuit of my Ancestor and Relatives, I have also began discovering OUR Ancestors and OUR Relatives. This led me to another of my ongoing projects described below:

(Reconstructing the lives of the people of the Gaspe District since the beginning until today)

This project is a major project which will be a lifetime project, which allows to discover how people of different origin, nationality, religion, language, social status and values, interconnected through work, business, neighbourhood, marriage and friendship. The findings are not yet published in any form, but are intended to be at a later point in time.

The time period thus far ranges from 1600’s to the 1900’s.

Most of the families involved in my research so far are listed below. Please note that since the research is ongoing, the list will keep progressing as well. The research is at different stages for each family. People still living are included but will not be disclosed in order to protect their privacy.

This project will take a lifetime to accomplish and I presume the lifetime of several others. As records are becoming available on a regular basis, returning on my previous research to complete the information is mandatory.

I will release my findings in portions, as I complete certain stages of research, and will have them available for purchase in book format.

The announcement of book release and some “teasers” will be available on “Our Products” page and in our Newsletter. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Family names and some variations:

Allard, Allar, Allerton, Annet, Arlington, Amorier, Arbour, Arguimet, Arsenau, Arsenault, Ascah, Audet, Baillargeon, Baker, Beaupre, Belanger, Bergeron DIT D’Ambroise, Bernard, Bernier, Berthelot, Berube, Bilodeau, Blais, Blake, Black, Blanchette, Blanchet, Blois, Boier, Boileau, Bond, Bouchard, Boucher, Boucheraux, Boudreau, Boufion, Boulay, Boulet, Boulé, Boult, Bourgaise, Bourgaize, Bourgault, Bourget, Briard, Briar, Brotherton, Brousseau, Buckley, Butler, Cadduc, Carbonneau, Carbonneau DIT Provencal, Carpentier, Casivie, Cassivi, Cassovie, Cattret, Cavanagh, Chamberlan, Chamberland, Charland, Charlot, Charlot DIT Dumoulin, Chicoine, Chouinard, Chretien, Chrestien, Chylsom, Cloutier, Cole, Colson, Commartin, Commeau, Conlomba, Conners, Connors, Cote, Couillard, Coulombe, Courois, Courois Couvrets, Cousin, Couturier, Curtis, Dancose, D’Antrechiasona, Darlington, David, De Vautour, Deblois, Degouffre, Denis, Denys, Dery, De Trois Maisons, Desmond, Despres, Dion, Doyon, Du Portier, Dube, Dubeau, Dufresne, Dugas, Dugast, Duguay, Dumas, Dunn, Element, English, Esnouf, Eve, Fergueson, Ferguson, Fergusson, Fikerey, Fitzback, Fortier, Fortain, Fortin, Fournier, Fowler, Frank, Gagne, Gagne Belavance, Gagne Bellavance, Gagnier, Gagnon, Gaillard, Gamache, Gaucelin, Gaudreau, Gaulin, Gauthier, Gerber, Godin, Gottreau, Goulet, Gravelle, Guibo, Guimon, Guimond, Guyon, Hall, Haubois, Hebert, Henley, Hordouil, Houle, Hymann, Isabelle, Jacques, Jalbert, Javrin, Jeanne, Jeannes, Joly, Joseph, Kavanagh, Kavaney, Kelley, Kelly, Labadie, Laberge, Labillois, Labrecque, Lachaine DIT Jolicoeur, LaChalle, Laflamme, Lafrance, Lallier DIT Marcheterre, Langlais, Langlois, Laporte, Lavoie, Le Roy, Leblan, Leblanc, Leboeuf, Leclerc, Lecouffe, Leduc, Lefebvre, Lefort, Le Huquet, Lelievre, Lemaistre, Lemasurier,, Lemesurier, Lemercier, Lemieux, Lepage, Leroy, L’Escallier, Letartre, Lockett, Loignon, Mackae, Mackay, Mackenny, Mackensie, Mackenzie, Maloney, Mansion, Mantha, Maranda, Marois, Martin, Masse, Mathieu, McKenzie, Mercier, Meunier, Miller, Minderson, Moileau, Morandeau, Morin, Morin DIT Beausejour, Morneau, Morris, Mullen, Mullony, Nadeau, Nellis, Nepveu, Norman, Normand, Normandeau, Noyer, O’conner, O’conners, O’connor, O’connors, O’hara, Ouellet, Packwood, Palier, Palin, Palmer, Paquet, Paquette, Pare, Pasquier, Pelletier, Peltier, Pepin DIT Lacance, Pere, Peree, Perree, Perrie, Perry, Petitpas, Philips, Picard, Pinel DIT Lafrance, Piton, Plante, Poitras, Pope, Pose, Powel, Powell, Power, Prevel, Price, Quemener, Quemener DIT Laflamme, Quelly, Querry, Renaud, Richard, Riffou, Riquier, Roberge, Robert, Roberts, Robichaux, Robin, Rondeau, Rouer, Rouleau, Roussin, Roussy, Ruca, Samuel, Savard, Schweitzer, Scott, Shaw, Silvestre, Smith, St-Denis, St-Denys, Stanley, Ste-Croix, St-Laurent, Sylvestre, Sylvestre DIT Enderson, Synett, Synnet, Synnette, Synotte, Tapp, Tapp Daigle, Tardif, Teste, Theluf, Theriault, Thibault, Thibeault, Thivierge, Thomas, Trudel, Trudelle, Turgeon, Urquhart, Valet, Vautour, Vezina, Vignault DIT Labrie, Vincent, Vivier, Warren, Whitty

Through my years of experience and education in genealogy, I have began writing a Series of books, containing 3 sub-series, to share my knowledge, discoveries and findings. At the moment, the following are in progress:

  • Gaspe Basin Roots – How to Series

The Gaspe Basin Roots-How To Series is a Serie of reference books specialized on research for the Gaspe Peninsula. The Series covers from how to organize your information right up to how and where to find a specific type of record. Each volume of the Series is dedicated to a specific subject which is discussed in-depth.

Volume 1 – Getting Started in Genealogical Research for the Gaspe Peninsula – Part 1

Volume 1 – Getting Started in Genealogical Research for the Gaspe Peninsula – Part 2

  • Gaspe Basin Roots – Knowledge Series

Gaspe Basin Roots – Knowledge Series is specialized in promoting historical information about the Gaspe Peninsula, on diverse topics such as politics, midwifery, businesses, and much more.

Volume 1 –


  • Gaspe Basin Roots – Our Families Series

Gaspe Basin Roots – Our Families Series is specialized in reporting my personal research and findings, which include the families in the Gaspe Peninsula

Volume 1 –

This is the area of specialization I hope to achieve in some years from now. In order to obtain the recognition as a specialist, several stages must be completed beginning with a Certification from the BCG. Once this is obtained, training will have to be undertaken with the Council for Advancement of Forensic Genealogy. In the meantime, I pursue my education on the subject and have began a project regarding an historical event in our Region:

The Carrick’s project (more information will be added later)