Our Guarantee

Although we cannot make any guaranty regarding what or if information can be found, we can guaranty the following:

Our Personal Guarantee

These Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct are summarized as follows:

  • We guaranty that will publish or publicize only what is truthful and proved. We will not violate any laws or regulations in the scope of our duties, nor will we be part or associated, directly or indirectly, to any violations, publishing or publicity made by others that is contrary to this.
  • We will provide complete, precise and accurate source citations and only cite the sources we personally used.
  • We will execute our contracted services in a timely fashion and a realistic timeframe.
  • We will not falsely represent our abilities, credentials, services and products, nor mislead.
  • We will keep confidential client information and the contracted services, unless otherwise a written consent on behalf of the client.
  • We will disclose to the client any potential conflicts of interest.
  • We will undertake commissioned research services only after a contract is signed which outlines the purpose, the financial aspect, the deadline, without any hidden or concealed details.
  • We will, to the best of our abilities, conduct the research to meet the goals outlined by the client and report the conclusions in writing based on evidence and provide the source citations. We will use the Genealogical Proof Standards (GPS) to reach our conclusions.
  • We will request from the client all information and documents they have, and will not repeat previously done work as billable hours without a good cause.
  • We will provide only facts which can be substantiated with documentation and will not withhold, suppress, misinterpret or misquote any information or sources.
  • We will provide an explanation if a research problem cannot be resolved within a timeframe or a budget agreed by contract.
  • We will provide recommendations for future research and any available paths
  • We will always return the advance payments which was in excess to the hours and additional expenses incurred.
  • We will behave in action, in speech and in writing in a manner to benefit the profession of Genealogist. We will not participate in injuring or attempting to injure the reputation, prospects or business of a fellow Genealogists, Genealogical Societies, Genealogical Associations or programs.
  • We will participate in exposing genealogical fraud,
  • We will not engage in any attempt to solicitate established clients from another Genealogist or an agency, by defamation or any other illegal undertaking,
  • We will give proper credit to another persons’ work and not plagiarise.
  • We will not reproduce, publish or distribute the work of another person without their written consent and will give proper credit when citing their work. We will not falsely use their work as if it was our own.
  • We will maintain a level of competence and comply with applicable requirements of the Profession by continuing education in order to meet the upmost Genealogical Standards and help the advancement of the Profession.
  • We will comply with regulations and requirements established by the Archives Centers and Repositories, regarding visiting, communicating, using the records and orders.
  • We will be courteous and respectful to archivists and staff. We understand that they can provide some suggestions and guidance, but not answers to our genealogical problem. We will be precise and brief with our requests.
  • We will be respectful and treat the records with caution. We will not mutilate, rearrange, or remove from their proper custodians printed, original, microfilmed, or electronic records.
  • We will respect all laws regarding the archives, the documents and the information. We will not infringe copyrights, contract rights, privacy laws or any other law or policies. This includes physical, digital, electronic, websites, databases, blogs or any form of archives and documents.