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A: These services are not included in the Shop as they are all unique. The contracts are customised for the needs of each customer and depend on our availability. If you wish any of the above services, please use our contact form and send us a message with as much details as possible and as outlined in the detailed process for each service. Once the request is analysed and we outline the goals and scope of the project, you will receive the contract by email. Print out two copies of the contract which should be initialed on each page and signed on the last page. You must then send the original back by mail to us. You will need to open an online account on our website by clicking “my account” in the main menu. Once we receive the two original contracts, we will proceed by creating an order in your online account, for which you proceed with the payment in our shop.

A: Yes. Although we do insist on the first 50% retainer, the remaining 50% and additional fees can be paid either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. However, the final product will not be shipped until the total payment has been received.

A: The summary should be an outline of the individuals for which you have information. This will include all birth, marriage and death information, relationships, locations, and a list of all the Records used to gather the information. You should also include any other information found in these records concerning these individuals, such as land, military, business, etc. You should also include any family folk or family stories and indicate if these have been confirmed or at least partially investigated.

A: No. The summary you will prepare will help us understand what has been done so far and how the research process has been undertaken. You will be a key partner to provide some valuable information and insights that might be extremely important to proceed.

A: Most possibly. We will help you by providing you with some tools in order for you to analyse easier your research. We will guide you. However, we will not do the research for you, nor bring you answers for a specific individual.

A: No. We do not do Genealogical Research to prove lineage or descendance. The Genealogical Research process is basically starting by you and discovering who was before; not trying to prove an association with an individual or group in the past.


A: No. Each Workshop is independent and does not require attending another prior Workshop. Although they do interact, they each have a specific theme which is developed and discussed.

A: The Gaspe Peninsula covers a huge territory. Unfortunately, time prevents us from offering Workshops in each Municipality. However, should you find between 12 and 20 persons interested, please contact us and we will discuss the possibility of a contract for a Private Group.

A: You may contact us by using our form and outline your concerns. Tell us about your experience and knowledge and we will try to guide you.

A: There will possibly be an opportunity once or twice a year. We will post the information in our News section or you can also subscribe to our Newsletter.


A: Beware! Even if it appears to be your Ancestors, there is a huge chance that they are not. The only way to ensure the legitimacy of this Tree and your connection to it, is if the source citations are included and that you verify the information for yourself. Many individuals post “family trees” on the net, either through User provider sites such as Ancestry, My Heritage, Find my Past, Mes Aieux and many more. However, how “true” the results depend on how thorough the proof is provided through the sources cited.

A: Genealogy is retracing the lives of individuals though their birth, marriage, death and locations. Whereas, family history is a reconstruction of the life of an individual. Genealogy is the first step before family history.

A: We do both. Although some might separate the Profession of Genealogist from Family Historians, most Genealogist will do both, as will Family Historians.

A: Beware! Without implying that anyone has been telling lies, it is most probable that most of those stories have been embellished through time. Memory can be faulty and some love to make a good story even better. There is also that darker side where a story is created or changed to hide some dark secret.

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A: We offer PayPal and Credit Card payment options (Visa, Mastercard and Amex). You must have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to pay by Credit Card.

A: Yes. PayPal accepts payments from 25 different Countries and in 202 currencies. Some exchange fees will apply, but you can proceed with the payment. At the moment, we offer our Services in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, France and Italy. Should your Country not be listed, contact us through our contact form and let us know. We will see what can be done.

A: Rest assured that we have taken advanced measures to ensure our customers Credit Card information is safe. We use a SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) which encrypts your Credit Card information. This is identified by the closed lock located in the right corner of the navigation bar in your browser, and “HTTPS” just before our domain name. Additionally, you will notice two seals in the bottom of our website: Verified Secure by GoDaddy and McAfee. You will also find on the left side of our website, a “floating” bar by TrustedSite. These are all delivered following a rigorous validation process regarding security.

A: No. Gift Certificates are non-taxable.

A: The Gift Certificate contains a unique code which also identifies the monetary value of the Gift Certificate. Select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout in our shop. You will then have the option to enter the Gift Certificate/Card number, before going to the payment gateway.

A: No. You can make as many purchases as you wish, until the total value of your Gift Certificate is used.

A: No. Since these Gift Certificates are sold from the Province of Quebec, regulations prohibit setting an expiry date on a Gift Certificate of monetary value.

A: Once the 50% required retainer is confirmed, we will send you a invoice on the agreed intervals, until full payment is received on our side. Please keep in mind that the final product will not be delivered until payment has been fully completed.