Coaching Services offered by Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services are available to clients all over the world. Coaching Services contracts are custom made to fit the needs of each client concerning the number of hours contracted.

Reasons for using Coaching Services:

  • Personal approach
  • Personalised assistance to your needs and weaknesses in your research
  • Reached Brick-walls or road blocks
  • Give some direction to your research in terms of resources and sources.
  • Create a productive research plan for your research on an ancestor
  • And so much more

The rate is set on an hourly rate at $75 (calculated by increments of 10 minutes). Minimum 10 hours per contract. A retainer for the amount equivalent to 50% of the hours contracted will be required in advance and the other remaining 50% will be required once half of the number of hours has been reached in order to benefit of the remaining hours. Coaching Services contracts are set on a 12 months basis, and the hours established shall be used within this time frame.

Following an analyse of your request and a discussion, a number of hours required for the task will be determined as well as a schedule. You must provide the information you have regarding past research about the Ancestor or Ancestors, with a summary of the information accompanied by the source citations, as well as a detailed description of your Coaching needs.

The first step will be to analyse the research done so far for one individual or a set of individuals. The time allocated to this analysis is counted in the hours contracted. The remaining hours will be dedicated in helping the client navigate obstacles in his or her research and guiding him or her to answer questions concerning the direction of their research.

Coaching Services will begin once Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services as received the following items:

  • Two copies of the Research Analysis Services contract signed and initialised;
  • A summary of your research accompanied by the source citations;
  • The retainer.

Coaching Services include:

  • Review and Analysis of information provided by client
  • Help with formulating a work plan
  • Advice and Recommendations for future research
  • Advice and recommendations on Methodology
  • Communications through telephone calls, emails and skype

Coaching Services do not include:

  • Research
  • Transcripts, abstracts, extracts or translations
  • Copies of documents
  • Written reports


Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services can make no guarantee regarding breaking down brick-walls or overcoming road-blocks. The Coaching Services lays solely in the amount of information and the quality of the document you shall provide and the source citations, as well as your personal interest and effort. Despite the personal interest and effort, there shall still remain the eventual possibility that the records seeked are unavailable due to prior destruction or that the said record was not created for that specific individual. If any information is withheld regarding previous research or a document which is too faded, water damaged beyond legibility, torn, stained or otherwise where its condition is negatively touched, can be deemed impossible to use. Source citations are indispensable to ensure previous research is not repeated. Negative research should also be included in the information provided to ensure previous research is not repeated. You understand and agree that Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services cannot predict in advance the time needed to break down a brick-wall or overcome a road-block, the time needed to perform, accompany you in your quest and reaching your goals, with the information and documents you provide is on you, not on Sandra Blanchette, Genealogical Services.