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The Resources are compiled by type and sub-categories have also been used. These Resources are not divided by language, which means that you will find links and books in both French and English. 

You might be surprised to encounter information referencing another location in Canada or even another Country. However, it is to be noted that not all the information for the Gaspe Peninsula is actually IN the region. The same also goes for the different eras as well as who ruled and owned our Region.

Starting your Genealogical Research on the right foot will avoid many frustrations down the road. There are a few simple steps to follow and which will keep you on track.

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When hiring a Professional Genealogist, there are a few points to consider. A Professional Genealogist may not hold credentials, although some credentials will allow you to trust the professionalism and the standards which will be used. The first step in understanding what should be expected from a Professional Genealogist is to read the Genealogical Standards and the Code of Ethics established by the Board of Certification for Genealogists (BCG) and the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the Association for Professional Genealogists (APG). This will enable to have a better understanding of the Standards and the Code of Ethics established for the Professional Genealogists.

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This section contains links to external websites, providing information from naming patterns to dictionaries, all the way to Blogs and Forums.

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This section contains a list of reference books ranging from information on how to cite your sources, to Authored sources, all the way to Atlases.

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This section contains lists of Databases which will provide from digital images of Records, to indexes, all the way to Newspapers and Maps.

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This section contains Archive Centers, Repositories, Museums, Libraries, Documentation Rooms and Interpretation Centers. Some locations actually are multi functional, thus you can find a Museum, which also has an Archive Center, a Library and a Documentation Room.

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This section contains numerous Societies and Associations in Genealogy, but also History.

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This section contains photographs of the Gaspe Peninsula: the landmarks, the landscape and all its beauty. The pictures are a contribution from Photographers from all over the world who have captured life in the Gaspe Peninsula.

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This section contains addresses for many locations in the Gaspe Peninsula, but also in Canada and around the world.

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This section contains tools from converters to search engines, all the way to forms and charts.

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