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Cod Farms

Commercial Fishers: Atlantic Cod

DUNFIELD, R. W., The Atlantic salmon in the history of North America, (Canada), 1985

Fish and flour for gold, 1600-1800 by John G. Lyndon

Fish commodization and the historical origins of catching fish for profit

Fisheries branch registry files

geneawiki – Metiers de la peche

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Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador: Lifestyle of Fishers, 1600-1900

Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador: The English fishery and trade in the 18th Century

History of fishing in Canada

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New Brusnwick’s fisheries of the past

Review of “Cod: a biography of the fish that changed the world”

Revue d’ethnoecologie – Quelle definition des “petits metiers” de la peche?

Sunny Bank, Our ancestral home

The Atlantic Cod Fishery

The fisheries then & now

wikipedia – Cod

wikipedia – Cod

wikipedia – History of fishing

wikipedia – Liste des metiers de la mer